Saturday, August 27, 2011

a top a day-Sunday

Here's an English icon that is instantly recognisable! Being away from home has definitely reignited my patriotism and I just had to feature some iconic London images on my t.shirts.

Man, this was SO fiddly to make and probably the most difficult t.shirt task so far. Drawing the bus was tricky and as for zigzagging around all those insy windows well let's just say I'm pleased I'm up the duff so was off the wine last night!

I do love this design though and loved using some recently acquired London fabric as the traditional advertising strip found on London buses.

One thing I do miss about London is hopping on my trusty number 8 bus which took me straight from my front door to work. The number 8 also runs 'a night service' which more often than not took me straight from the pub back home again.

I'm going to make a boys version of this top too. Watch this space for more designs later in the week!


  1. George this is GORGEOUS. I absolutely love it. I think it's now my favourite so far. Pity it's a fiddly one!

  2. If only I had a little girl I would be asking you to make me some of thede T-shirts. There has not been one yet that I have not fallen in love with. They are all so unique and so beautiful xxxx

  3. George, this is just lovely! Brought back great memories of my time in London - I too used to jump on & off the No 8 bus from home to work and back again! Such a small world.... Jaci