Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a top a day (our creative spaces)

This week has certainly been a learning curve for me with the slow launch of some kitty n' kitsch t.shirts. I have introduced a t.shirt a day and am learning a lot as I go.

I have been in a very cosy comfort zone sewing my buntings for the past 2 years that I feel like I've mastered the art with those and could happily sew them with my eyes closed.

However, another ballgame. Thinking up designs has been easy peasy, the drawing and cutting of applique has been easy peasy, BUT the zigzag stitching to secure the applique has been a challenge. I only just worked out by Thursday how to change the size of my stitch which made it a bit easier when swerving around the curves of this unicorn rocker!

I will be introducing a further 3 tops this week and then will start work on my boys designs. I guess practise makes perfect.......

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  1. George, I'm loving your t-shirt designs. Very cute... can't wait to see the boy designs too! Kx