Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one for the boys..

Still t.shirt making frenzy going on here at kitty n' kitsch. Thought it was time I started on some designs for the boys so thought I'd kick start it with a bit more of my home town! So here is the London Black Cab tee.

I adored my black cab account I had running back in London and that probably cost my company a small fortune. These lovely modes of transport are super expensive to ride but you will never find a London Cabbie checking his A to Z even if you've requested him take you to tinpot alley in buttf*ck Idaho! So you sort of pay for what you get....sort of.

Anyway, have perfected my London bus design for boys which I will be showcasing tomorrow and then I might need to take a break from London and visit another city for some inspiration....

What do you think of this design anyhoo?


  1. Just the same as the girlies, I love this design xxx

  2. i just saw all of the tee designs you posted and they are all great!!!! very nice for kids tees :) great job!