Thursday, August 25, 2011

a top a day -Friday

I loved making this t.shirt. Cutting out all the rainbow stripes and sewing on the gold sequins was possibly my favourite sewing experience to date.

Funny, as a mummy to two stepdaughters and one daughter I really don't go in for sparkly bits at all. I would always choose the white canvas plimsolls over the pink sparkly sandals any day!

However, I did need to feature a rainbow in my designs as that symbolises my beautiful nan who I lost 3 years ago. Every time we see a rainbow Kitty says 'look mummy there's Marmar's house' as I told her once that Marmar lives on rainbows now. So rainbows have a huge place in my heart and 'Somewhere over the rainbow' was played as my nan's exit song at her funeral (sang by Carly Simon my mum's favourite singer).

My mum is completely opposite in me in that she is obsessed with anything sparkly. So I added that 'bit of sparkle' for you mum and loved every second of it!

What do you think of this design? Do you like sparkly bits?

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  1. I think the sparkly bits finish this top off and just add to the whole concept of at the end of the rainbow, I think it looks really good xxx