Friday, March 25, 2011

rhed horse

I blogged about this cute little lost and forlorn looking horse a year ago. She was found on a council clear up. Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that she has sat in the unloved corner way down my list of jobs to do for a whole year. I was unsure what to do with her originally. Remember this post?

I started by gluing her together as she had a lot of loose limbs and then I sanded her back. I deliberated and deliberated as to which colour to paint her and then decided on.....

The reason she is 'Rhed' and not 'Red' is because Rhed is one of my baby names for my next baby girl (if it is to be a girl of course). My hubbie has poo pooed that name right off my list so I christened the horse it instead. Didn't she scrub up well!?


  1. She looks awesome and I love the name Rhed!

  2. Oh, I like that!
    I named my computer the name we would have given my son if he had been a girl. Works for me!

  3. fabulous name and fabulous make over... your daughter has the best name.... KITTY...same as mine. I named my first dog my first ever boy name as my husband poo pooed it (Tyler) and now have a Harrington (my maiden name) and if we had had a girl we were taking Maggie. Kitty n Maggie.. I love it. Not sure I want to keep trying for a girl just to use it now though so maybe I will name a make over of mine too..great idea.. love your are listed on my page xx

  4. Rhed is simply HOT HOT HOT!

    Want to help me with one of my chairs, you do such amazing restoring paint work luv. xxx

    always your pal

  5. gorgeous! what a lucky find... such a treasure.

    ps. Rhed rocks! (ehm literally too I guess.. but I mean the name)