Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitty in Berry

I took Kitty to Berry markets today. I have been wanting to go to them for forever so was very jittery when I arrived to a mass of scrummy locally produced food stalls and bric and brac as far as the eye could see. But then....

....Kitty decided she didn't want to be at Berry markets. Every time I stopped to check out a stall she cried 'no mummy keep walking'. Even when I kept walking she screamed even louder that she too would prefer to be walking and started to have convulsions in her pram. All the chocolate, bouncy castle and cheap plastic windmill bribes in the world didn't change a thing.

I refused to be moved. I walked around that market today for an hour and a half with a consistently screaming toddler and I managed to buy a vintage toy box, some olives, an amazing sausage roll, a chenille skirt and a book. So there! There are some missions in life I just will not abort and Kitty will just have to scream her way through them.


  1. Good for you. I know, from my own experience, that although you made that hour and a half sound relatively easy once you'd made up your mind, I'm betting it probably wasn't! So hurrah for missions accomplished against the odds! But my goodness that child is CUTE! What book did you buy?

  2. ha yes good job she is cute really on days like those! i bought an original famous five. i'm slightly obsessed with enid blyton and am hoping that kitty will be too.

  3. oh george - i love you!!

    i so get this...after 3 kiddos at our end...they have learnt {sometimes the not-so-picture-perfect way!!} that we are all important...and we all need a little bit of the day about us...its that big yucky concept of sharing...

    err....thats why we make our kids so cute {look at that gorgeous blonde head you made!} we forgive them ALMOST everything!!

    sounds noisy but lovely...melissa xx

  4. love it! I would have done exactly the same thing!!!

  5. I love it - I know the feeling have completely refused to give in to my screaming 2 year old on shopping trips recently - also ignoring the stares from other parents -I am bothered :) Great to know I'm not alone out there!
    Brilliant blog - I would love to follow you and see what you get upto. Hope you come and see me sometime, and maybe follow too:)
    Happy monday.
    A xx