Friday, March 4, 2011

My Creative Space.....

I have been busy decorating a nursery for my friend's new baby girl. She had seen a box frame full of fabric covered buttons in a local boutique and was about to pay over $100 for it! Miss Thrifty here stepped in and copied the idea using my own fabrics. She was pretty happy with the replica!....
....she didn't like the bareness of the wardrobe as you enter the nursery so I made a name hanging to jazz it up...
.....I made some bunting to match the new quilt for one of the walls.....
...and it all turned out quite sweet really.

For more crafty loveliness pop over to Kootoyoo.


  1. Wow what a lucky friend! It looks beautiful.

  2. I looooove your buttons framed-I've never seen those before!!
    Your Jessica & bunting looks like my sewing rm downstairs- I love it!!
    Happy weekend & happy sewing hon...

    Melissa xx

  3. oh I really LOVE that button art work! so cute! I may have to have a go at one myself!!

  4. Just gorgeous. What a lovely friend you are. I love the buttons too - fab way to showcase some favourite fabrics.

  5. Hi George I am wanting to do the same with crochet things in a frame..Can you reveal your source for the box frame.

  6. That really looks nice!
    The buttons in a frame is really cool idea!

  7. What a beautiful nursery with so much handmade loveliness. What a truly dear and gifted friend you are.