Sunday, March 27, 2011

King's Speech... by far the best film I have seen in a super long time. I LOVED it so much. The performances were magnificent and I really enjoyed the insight into the struggles of poor King George VI. So moving.

I sat to the end of the credits and reminisced about my old life as a theatrical agent back in London recognising so many of the names rolling past my eyes. It is only when I see such a top quality film like this that I pine for a hint of that long lost glamour in the crafty, cosy and mumsy life I now lead.

I just had to feature a picture of one of my old clients, Michael Gambon playing daddy George as I'm very proud but sort of showing off a little bit too as I think he is quite marvelous.

My last day on the job back in May 2003 was spent having lunch with Gambon dressed up to the Dumbledore nines on the set of Harry Potter. Lunching with Kitty has a less relaxing vibe and is a bit less glamourous but this mum thing is most definitely my biggest achievement so far!


  1. Hi! I've come across to your lovely blog via high maintenance hippy :)

    I'm yet to see The King's Speech, but i'll think of you when i do now, hehe!

    It sounds like you have lots of interesting memories! Can't wait to read more from you :)

    - Lauren ♥

  2. I too love love loved the film. I for one am glad you do the mumsy thing now as I like your blog.

  3. loved this movie...
    i want to live in the therapists office!
    those gorgeous walls!!

    can't believe you've hidden this other life away from us G!!
    but i have to agree there is nothing like a little kitty or three to make us feel blessed!!

    melissa xx

  4. Hey George-la-la, now that's the most wonderful braggin' eva!

    Both about being mum and your infamous lovely lunch. Share more about this life as it sounds simply scrumptious!

    Much love xxxxx