Friday, September 21, 2012

spike's 1st cowboy party...

 Today Spike turned 1. I organised a Cowboy party for him. I made some flags from some Spotlight fabric, lolly bags with kraft gift bags with some cheap n cheerful Sheriff badges from Hot Dollar and an easy peasy cow print cake with royal icing.
 I have organised a market stall in a couple of months so will keep these flags to sell there as Kitty and Spike are room sharing these days so bit too 'blokey' for their space!
 Found this idea on this lovely blog and thought I'd do a bit of a copycat. Was a hit with the kiddies.

 Loved the fact the kids played cowboy/cowgirls for the entire party. Very sweet to watch.

Here he is. The biggest love affair of my life so far. Mothers and their sons. A deadly combination!

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  1. Beautiful.. what a fab idea. And OMG what is it with mothers and sons?.. Me and my H x