Saturday, September 1, 2012

declutter reclutter....

PHEW!....It's been a busy couple of months. We moved house to this wonderful place and couldn't be happier. So peaceful, found my yummy coffee spot and perfect little community spirit. It's like going back 50 years. So me. Unfortunately the serenity goes hand in hand with many a living thing at home that doesn't include my hubbie or kids. 

 The council clear up here has proved to be a bit of a winner too. My favourite score was this gorgeous Ercol Windsor Sofa. Should have seen the grin on my face dragging that one down the street home. So happy. Also picked up some great kids toys including this original 1970's Fisher Price till that little Spike has taken a bit of a shine too.

 So that's where I've been. Moving house, emptying boxes, decluttering, recluttering, dragging sofas around streets and lapping up the peace and quiet with a few too many big spiders thrown in the mix.


  1. Looks like a great place to live Kitty! My kids used to have a Fisher Price cash register just like this one..and loved it too.

  2. Council cleanups are the best! Looks like a lovely place, happy recluttering to you:) sarah