Tuesday, October 2, 2012

loving house

Am having no regrets whatsoever on my move to the sticks. The sense of community and the peace and quiet is everything I wanted and more. Must be getting old! I also love love love having a house after being squished into a small unit with all the kiddies bumping around for so long.  It's lovely being able to make stuff for houses too.

We have two main beaches where we are. Last weekend we took a stroll off one of the beaches into the National Park and collected this piece of wonky driftwood. I bought those glass jars at Spotlight for AU$2 (!!!) each and hung them with twine to make a tea light holder above the outside table. It looks so pretty lit up at night over dinner.

 I know bunting has been completely done to death but there really is nothing like it to jolly up the place. And being from England it always reminds me of cobbled streets strung up with bunting by the sea. I made this looooong stretch of bunting using IKEA fabrics. So cheap and bright and brilliant for outdoor use. 

I have been meaning to make Kitty and Spike a door sign using this gorgeous screenprint from 
Sketch & Jones. I bought a few different designs from her at the Avoca beach markets but this was totally my favourite. Kitty on her bike dragging Spike along in the cart. And bunting featuring again!! So sweet. Not sure what I'm going to do with the other designs I bought. Might put them on some shirts for Kitty for the summer. 


  1. Living by the beach is the bomb! I must say I love me a bit of bunting too and have it hanging along our verandah.
    The door sign is just adorable.

  2. I'm still a bunting lover..your's epitomises the outdoor summer lifestyle we love!

  3. I love the screen print. You so should make it into a door sign. That would be so cool.