Friday, March 9, 2012

somewhere over the....


Inspired by this lovely piece of craft so simply put together by this amazing lady I decided to be a complete copycat and make one myself. Little Spike is soon to be joining Kitty in a shared room adventure. So I need to make quite a few changes to the small space they will occupy. At the moment it is filled with lots of vintage florals, butterflies and ribbons. I am having to slowly ease out the pinks and sneak in the multicoloured slightly more contemporary decor so my little man does not feel suffocated by fairydust!
This is my version. Had so much fun choosing the papers (never having been a scrapbooker it was a whole new world to me,they're like fabric papers, loved every second) and handcut the letters in a not so perfect fashion to give it that slightly kooky childish look.

There is a huge reason why I chose this wording. My beautiful grandmother who lived with me and was like my second mummy was very closely connected to rainbows towards the end of her illness. The nurse taking care of her at my mum's house described her passing as 'crossing the rainbow bridge'. Immediately after that a huge rainbow appeared as if on cue above the house. The following few weeks after her passing there were rainbow references popping up everywhere. It really was so unusual. So it has become a thing in our family that we all tell ourselves Marmar is living amongst the rainbows and Kitty really believes this which I love.

So that's where the 'over the rainbow' came from.

If you like these banners you should really go and make one they are so much fun to do and even more fun picking what you are going to say.


  1. I think it looks wonderful (and a remeberence of family too) - perfect.

    Amanda xxx

  2. What a gorgeous story, and your interpretation of your inspiration is gorgeous! :)

  3. A lovely idea,scrapbooking papers are so pretty.