Monday, February 27, 2012

on the high street

My idea of shopping is either online (notonthehighstreet) or at the market these days. However, there are always a couple of golden finds to be had on the high street and here are my latest two;

I love this spotty range of plastic loveliness that Coles have in at the moment. And so cheap! These cups were only AU$2.50 each and they make the copious amounts of 'undrunken' drinks left around our house seem so much more bearable.
Also just acquired these gorgeous crochet thingymajigs from the ever faithful Ikea. They are actually sold as embellishments in the fabric section (how fun is slicing up your own material at Ikea by the way) but I have been using them as coasters.

Very happy with my little finds. It's the simple things in life.


  1. Too many half-finished cups at this end too! Pretty cups and love those "coasters".

  2. NOTHS is still my fave for UK purchases.. after all it is where Down that Little Lane was born from... I even had a meeting with them..very inspiring girls x