Sunday, March 25, 2012

dressing kids.....

My hubbie waited so long to have a boy and after 3 daughters he finally arrived. However, we seem to be having issues about dressing him. Does anybody else have clothes conflicts like this? He comes from a big surf/sail background and his little boy would ideally be dressed in head to toe Quiksilver EVERY day. I love mini surfy clothes too but I have other preferences for my boy....

...for mother in law knitted this beanie for Spike, I made pom poms to decorate it and my hubbie sewed in together...PHEW....what a mammoth collaboration for such a small item.
I think he looks amazingly cute in it don't you? Last night as I sat drinking tea catching up on blogs (in particular British ones to get me even more excited about my pending trip home-my favourite being THIS one) my husband sewed the pom poms onto this beanie grumbling 'what are you doing to my boy, he looks like a nerd'. I like to call it uber!

Poor Matt, his dream of a little son came true but every day is a battle as to why I haven't dressed him in boardies and a surf shirt like his daddy.

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  1. He looks absolutely gorgeous and nerds are in fashion... ;)