Saturday, December 17, 2011

santa sacks at the ready....

There are great benefits to having a hubbie who is a sailmaker as he is a dab hand on the sewing machine and can whip anything I ask for up super duper quick. He just made these Santa sacks for the little ones. I love this paper doll Christmas fabric that we used for Kitty's. So cute.
I didn't think I could ever get excited about Christmas in Australia as miss the log fires, hot toddies and family way too much this time of year. That was until a girlfriend told me that as soon as I had children and this became the Christmas they were excited about then it would rub off on me too. She was so right! This is my 9th Christmas on these shores, which have ranged from 2003 camping in Byron Bay living off multipack sausages as a backpacker and childless family Christmas's in Melbourne and now Sydney but this is the first year that I have really felt Christmassy.

On that note, Merry Christmas everybody and thanks so much for following my blog. Will be back in the New Year!

PS. I'm still having small conniptions about my badly placed baubles (see above) and haven't had the heart to crush my 3 year olds creative input and move them around whilst she's in bed just in case she notices!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all there..I'm off on hols too..'til the end of January. I am so glad you're finally 'feeling' Christmassy..children do it for you don't they. I was the same after I got here for a few just takes time to settle properly too. Your husband is such a clever stick with the sewing machine..they are fantastic bags!

  2. Merry Christmas! The sacks look fantastic - a husband that can sew - super impressive!

  3. That man is a keeper George! They are so very cute. And good for you for winning out against that overwhelming urge to rearrange your decos on the tree! It's terribly hard to resist base instincts!