Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decs are up.....

So here are the paper chains which my big girls painstakingly put together for me. All 10 metres of them. They really make the room feel so cosy and even though they sporadically undo themselves throughout the day and need a bit of resticking they are totally worth the effort as I love the overall 'old school Christmas' feel about them.
The tree is up. It took a few deep breaths to stand back and control my OCD with bauble placement whilst I watched Kitty trim the tree. This was a super difficult task and I have since swapped a few of them around hoping she won't notice! (Check out The Snowman playing in the background, my childhood favourite of which I am brainwashing Kitty into it being hers too!)
We have absolutely no colour scheming in his house and this extends itself to Christmas decor too. Like everything in my life nothing ever matches. In fact I will do anything in my power to make sure it doesn't.
I do however LOVE my mushrooms that I bought when I was back home in England last year. I politely asked Kitty if mummy could stuff all the little bunches of them in the tree as had been looking forward to doing that since I bought them in a sweet little Christmas shop in Wales. Thankfully she allowed me that exciting little task!
The big girls made Christmas cards for all the family. I am such a Grinch when it comes to sending cards. My mum and dad, brother and sister in law and that's about it. I have just never been into sending them which is surprising as I really do love cards.
The day was finished off with some Christmas baking. Iced Gingerbread cookies but due to the lack of ginger (quite a pivotal ingredient I think) the girls named them 'bread cookies' instead. They actually tasted pretty nice and they loved using my new bargain IKEA Christmas Cookie cutters.

So we're now all set for Christmas....sort of. I have put my MadeIt shop into holiday mode as of today in order to focus on finishing off some crafty things for Kitty and Spike; Santa sacks, Cushions etc....Will share them with you once I am done.

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  1. Oh George,what a GORGEOUS post. I am in love with your chains. They are soooooooooooooo very old-school. It really reminds me of an English living-room in the 50s. I imagine a couple of oldies in the background with paper hats on and a small glass of sherry.
    And The Snowman is my absolute favourite Christmas thing too. I first watched it on a snowy evening in December in a little upstairs room of a small cottage in Ruislip. And then it started actually snowing outside and I cried with excitement. I was only 11 I should add! It's Aled Jones singing Walking in the Air that gets me every time.