Thursday, December 1, 2011

let the countdown begin.....

So the erecting of the fabric advent calendar was a wee bit exciting this morning. Being a tad unorganised I actually had to rummage around for a little something to pop into number 1's pocket and found a small bouncy ball that Kitty received so long ago she had thankfully forgotten she already owned it!
So made it my mission today to organise some fun (and new!) things to pop in the rest of the pockets. Came up with a selection of rubbers, sweets, hair clips and will probably grab some bits and bobs as I go. Also perfect opportunity to download the fabulous free holiday printables here at giverslog to use for treasure hunt notes and to write down activities like Santa photos today, make Christmas cookies and put up our tree etc.


  1. It looks like you've gathered up some lovely little gifts for Kitty to enjoy each day. x

  2. The bouncy ball really made me laugh, that is so funny, bless her. Such a lovely advent calendar, and some great ideas of things to put in all the little pockets :) x x x x

  3. Ours is up too, yours is so much prettier and you have out me to shame with your treasures.. My Kitty got some fab little bits last year but this year it is just chocolates.. not that she will complain! xx