Friday, December 17, 2010

yule log

I was chatting to our French sommelier at work the other night about Christmas. I was fascinated to hear what his French traditional Christmas in Australia consisted of. There followed lots of ooohhing and aaaaahhing at his talk of French Champagne and Foie Gras....

....and THEN he mentioned that no Christmas is complete without a 'Buche de Noel'. I asked what that was and he explained that it was a cake that looks like a trunk. I was so ridiculously excited to remember the good ole yule log which has evaporated from my British Christmas memory bank.

Having turned from university student to a 21 year old living in Japan to a working girl living in a poky 'all I could afford' East London flat to a backpacker around oz, this is the first year I am playing adult and hosting Christmas at my place!

The thing I am now most definitely looking forward to more than ANYTHING is making my yule log! I just wish the conversation with the sommelier had taken place earlier so I could have had mum post out the snowman, santa and sprigs of holly that adorned our log for every Christmas I remember at home. That would have been the perfect touch of nostalgia I need at this time of year. Would have been the icing on the trunk cake.

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  1. Do you think a NEW YEAR YULE would be oh so appropriate on our weekend tog. I do!
    I can make my great grandmother's baked custard from scratch.