Tuesday, December 28, 2010

five photos. five facts.

1. since becoming a mum i really dislike dangerous situations. my husband loves them (that's him at the top of the yacht mast) and calls me 'mary poppins'.
2. the queen owns all the swans in the uk (weird but true fact which my mum informed me of whilst taking a walk through st.james park in london this summer).
3. apparantly my voice becomes very english and a lot posher when i'm on the phone.
4. i am so scared of cockroaches that i cry like a baby when i see one and if they run towards me (which they love to do) i have a panic attack
5. the two things that make me very angry are people throwing rubbish on the ground and cruelty to animals (dogs being my favourite-my friend's dog Ash is in the picture. my favourite kinds of dogs are usually not very pretty)

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