Monday, October 24, 2011

second babies.....

As much as nobody ever happen to mention first time around how difficult being a first time mum is, everybody did happen to mention that second time round is easier.

I was in a permanent state of shock after having Kitty and was a far cry from the natural earthy mumma skipping through the forest with bub hanging in it's hemp sling cooing away at me. I was the stress cadet pacing the supermarket isles with a screaming newborn wondering what happened to my breezy past life and if I'd ever get a hint of it back.

Three months into Kitty's life I suddenly got it. I worked it all out and I really began to fall hopelessly in love with her. Three years later Spike (pictured above!) arrived. I'm still not skipping through forests with him living off the land but things are so much easier. I fell in love with him instantly. I desperately want him to sleep in bed with me all the time. I want to eat him all up. His crying doesn't bother me one little bit. Waking up in the night is just 'another' part of my life as an unselfish mum and my baby books are still sitting on the dusty shelf!

How bout you? Did you find it so much more normal second time around??


  1. im SO with you! i was stressed to the max first tiime round... second time... umm... im still stressed to the max- it just feels normal!

    xo em

  2. What a beautiful boy - and such a cute name.

    I still only have the one so am relieved to hear it seems easier the next time round and will be interested to see what others have to say.

  3. Yes, 2nd time round was alot better! Didn't know whether I was arthur or martha the first time round. Read books all the books, took maternal nurse's word as gospel & fixated on what stage he should be at now etc. But second time round, I threw the rule back out the window and rolled with it. Funnily enough my second child is alot more relaxed - perhaps because I was? All the best with your super cute bubba.xx

  4. sweet- he is soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!

    i think everything is easier the second time round...that's nature isn't it?!

    now we have three, and yes we are outnumbered, and yes the smallest is now 6, and yes she will always be our baby....

    someone once wisely said to me_-the more children you have the more love you find....

    you have less time but more love- it just seems to keep coming from somewhere....

    blessed is the word between the lack of sleep and all the rest...

    two beautiful babies- and one now 3- you rock mamma!!!!

    melissa- Miss Sew & So

  5. Lol,he's sooo cute!How did I miss this? I thought my first child cried a lot,then no.2 had colic and I realised no.1 didn't cry much at all!Enjoy every second.