Friday, October 28, 2011

party favours!

I think the kiddies felt a bit ripped off at Kitty's party when they received these initial singlets as a take home prize! More like booby prize! I did give them a fabulous pack of chocolate pencils made by here. A fantastic coffee shop called Foodies which I love to go to ordered me a box of them from their deli supplier. They are from Spain and so sweet and come in a plastic pencil that you can actually use.
Here is my twirling princess. This is the first year that Kitty has really worked out all this party malarkey and have to say it makes it much more exciting. Bring on Christmas!
My girlfriend Tara made her this fabulous carousel cake which tasted as good as it looks.

It's such a cliche 'kids growing so fast' but I did spend a large proportion of the day wondering how in the hell my little baby is now 3!


  1. Those party favours are just adorable!! Well done!! My little girl loves clothes, so she would not have thought it a booby prize. I agree with you that it really starts to click at age 3 what parties and birthdays are all about!

  2. I bet those kids will grow to love their little singlets when they get compliments about how gorgeous they look in them! I think you gave them amazing gifts.

  3. Love the t shirts, so much work for the little peeps! The cake is very lovely

  4. I love the idea of hand made things as party favours - I'm sure the parents really loved this idea.

  5. um... initial singlets - AWESOME!!! that is such a great idea!