Thursday, April 7, 2011

my creative space.....

I'm quite liking the 'fabric framed in embroidery hoop' look that seems to have become pretty popular of late. I found this old olive green hoop in an op shop a while back along with a pair of baby shorts made from the above fabric. I chopped them up and put the two together. LOVE this fabric how sweet is it!
These embroidered sheets were unearthed at another op shop fairly recently. I loathed to chop them up but figured I wouldn't get much use out of them as sheets so have decided to frame the individual designs. This cat is Kitty's (ha!) new bedroom door plaque. I also have a cute bunny design to frame too from the same sheet. Very cute.
My girlfriend gave Kitty this Cath Kidston fabric when I was back in London last year. She told Kitty (who had no idea) that it would remind her of her mummy's roots! So I popped it in a hoop and put it up in her bedroom. She loves pointing out the London buses!

This really wasn't that much of a creative post but I'm sure there's plenty that are over here at Kootoyoo.....


  1. love these G...

    I have made a big cushion out of that Cath K's gorgeous isn't it!

    Wish you were over this side for all the Royal Wedding prep we are doing...all good fun & I have free rein to go a little red/white/blue mad!

    Melissa x

  2. Love the London Links....My Kitty needs them too...we have a few books and a London Bus In Harringtons room x