Sunday, April 10, 2011

flea market finds....

....have had a lovely op shoppy time this week....
.....found this blanket which is a nice pram size for my new baby arriving in September! Thought these lovely bright colours would be good for boy or girl.....
.....some pretty vintagey necklaces. The one on the right is made in Austria. Thought that was quite special...
.... a little enamel pot which I totally don't need but totally wanted and that wins every time....
.....and a sweet little embroidered cloth which has lovely colours in.

Pop over to Sophie for some more fab finds.....


  1. I love the bright blanket, looks like it's in great condition.

  2. Congratulations on the new baby arriving - this blanket will bring much joy :)

  3. What gorgeous finds!!
    Big congratulations too :)

  4. Love that enamel pot! And the cherry blossommon that embroidered cloth is worth framing... My friends just paid $95 for a blanket like that at a market!!

  5. oh what gorgeous finds - i love the granny blanket and I'm glad you didn't leave the pot behind, it's just too cute xx

  6. love love love from this end...that blanket will be gorgeous for a babe...
    can you believe it another little one in september....

    love the pot!

    melissa x

  7. Just found your lovely blog so thought i'd say hi as your newest followers :o) Love you finds esp the blanket, congrats on the little one due sept. Scarlett x

  8. That embroidered cloth is so so pretty!