Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i am seriously....

... obsessed with British supermarkets. Here I am, taking pictures at my local, with plenty of confused looks being thrown my way. But how sweet is everything! I agree that Australia do so many things better, and on the fresh food front I think they claim the prize. But the packaging and wording ' a scatter of mini marshmallows' 'add sparkle with jelly diamonds' make me want to buy EVERYTHING in sight!
Jars of yumi things everywhere.

Asian products were to die for. Their marketing strategy sure did it's work on me. I mean you have to buy 'a nest' of egg noodles even if they do reach their sell by date before your saucepan!

I love to believe that I will always abide by the 'fresh is best' rule.....but......when they put together a lovely little package like this and throw in a free bottle of vino, ....SOLD!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

belle & boo halloween

Am off to a Halloween weekend with my girlfriends from university this week. We've booked a huge manor house not far from my parents place and we're going to eat lots of Tesco finest food and drink lots of multicoloured wines. I am most definitely going to invest in some of these cupcake wrappers by Belle & Boo and make some to take with me.
How sweet are the invitations too!?
I also have Kitty's 2ND birthday this week too. Lots of party paraphernalia to get buying methinks.
Still absolutely loving being back in the land of tinsy winsy country lanes, superb supermarkets and lots of wonky pubs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's the simple things in life like....

... discovering a new tea room....
...with my favourite girls...

....only to find....

...a big fat piece of chocolate cake inside....
that make me very happy indeedy. Another lovely day back home in England.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

through the eyes of a ten year old....

We gave Ashley a camera for her trip to the UK as an early birthday present. Just a basic digital one. Here's a snippet of her snaps so far. These are totally unprompted and I think completely inspired.

london traffic
london eye

london cake shop

kitty in mum's back garden

mum's back garden-norfolk

I'm looking forward to seeing what else she'll come up with. I'll share some more later......

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a wedding in a barn...

The cake was made by a local lady who works from home. I loved it, Cath Kidston inspired.

The bouquet was made by the bride's Auntie. So pretty, made with the same fabrics used for the dress.
There were sweet little touches all over the barn. There were no fresh flowers on the day and everybody took a vase home as a keepsake.
Everything was very simple and understated which made it very cosy and inviting. My bunting looked 'made to measure', but certainly wasn't (!) and you can just spot one of my carnival mobiles hanging over there off one of the oak beams. There were hearts and mobiles and tea lights everywhere. Great venue and a special day.