Friday, April 13, 2012

vintagey inspiration....

Kitty and Spike are now sharing a room. It is the most heartwarming thing ever popping my head in to see their gorgeous little heads only metres apart in the land of zzz's. I have had to cull a lot of Kitty's florals in order to make the room a little more Spike friendly. I'm trying to put together a vintage mish mash of crafty type decors. Here are some pictures that I am feeling very inspired by.....

All so lovely. I really need an ornate bay window preferably with a bit of stained glass, original rustic floorboards and a big fat picture rail running around the middle of the room to get me started. Guess I'll have to use a bit of artistic licensing on that one!


  1. Seems you are right for inspiration,lovely pics. How sweet for your two to share a room.

  2. LOVE the second image especially but all are gorgeous inspiration pics x