Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Expensive Trim!

I have just returned from 5 weeks in England and had an amazing time and am struggling to get back into my Aussie groove a bit. I'll get there. Just miss my mum, my brother, tearooms, pubs and jubilee bunting everywhere!

Obviously I splashed out on some new fabrics and crafty bits but my biggest SPLURGE by far was during a trip to the beautiful town of Stamford.
I 'popped' into a fabric shop and spotted some very special looking trim all curled up in a glass jar on the shelve. I promptly ordered a metre, wandered up to the counter to be told I owed £15! Was slightly shocked and pretty pleased I only ordered a metre!
It is however amazingly beautiful and made by this super talented lady.

Priority on returning to Australia was to put that pricey bit of trim to good use.
I was recently given this lamp which is sweet but not quite to my taste. So I used some fabric I bought from this brilliant shop and added the trim to the bottom. I'm using the lamp in Kitty and Spike's room (there they are in the background making a guest appearance!).