Wednesday, November 23, 2011

our creative spaces....

I have been wanting to make a fabric advent calendar for yonks. I was totally inspired by the ladies at no chintz in Balmain the other week when I saw something similar to this on their wall and just HAD to go home and replicate it.
Their pockets were multicoloured linens which looked so lovely but time is not on my side these days so I did strips of alternate dark and light green linens. I bought the fabrics from no chintz and the felt balls too which became my baubles. They had painted their numbers on with a stencil but I decided to cut mine out using all the leftover Christmas felt I have stashed away. The numbers are a little wonky in places but think that actually looks part of it.
I'm still totally undecided as to what I'm going to put in each pocket. A girlfriend suggested a note each day which leads them to the treasure which I thought would be really sweet and prevents little fingers sneaking a sweet when mummy isn't looking.

Do you have a fabric advent calendar? What do you put in yours?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

nice rooms

Am totally in love with Lola and Coco's rooms featured on The Design Files today. I have just been drinking my tea and analysing this room above and wondering where I can buy one of those signs on the wall...??? Do we think it lights up in all it's neon glory? Would love that even more then! Any of you guys seen these before? And that hoop art is gorgeous.
This is the the other room. Love the colour of that sideboard.
I don't for one minute think I'll ever own a room that is so minimalist as I'm a clutter freak but I do gaze at these pix thinking how easy those rooms would be to keep tidy....or assuming Lucy actually misses all the messy corners when capturing the houses?